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Went to the local community co ...

Posted Jan 07 2010 10:41am
Went to the local community college the other day to check things out and ended up making an appointment with a counselor for Monday afternoon. Glenda is tired of my being home and quite frankly, so am I.

Not that we don't get along. After almost 40 years together, we need time away from each other to keep things fresh. The cancer is stable enough that we can get on with life with little worries hence the boredom.

Now that I have completed college, I want to work at my small business and catch up on the writing I began last Spring. Or was it fall 2008? 2009 was so busy I forgot. But, I began working on a story I was inspired to write one day.

I was at my laptop one day and switched over to Word. Before I knew it, I had written about 500 words. A few people liked it which pleased me. My English professor, Mick Haven looked it over and gave it a thumbs up, with some suggestions and revisions. Undoubtedly, he's come to believe I will do nothing with it because it's been so long. Studies took up all my free time. Now that I have the time, I have begun revising it so hopefully Mick will agree to look at it when it is finished.

Boredom has set in. I am not the work at home type. For me, being home means doing nothing. Home is my sanctuary from the world and work has no place there.

When we had our cleaning business, I had a separate office that was an office. It was easier to separate myself from home and focus on work. All I had to do was close the door and I was away from home. If I had a meeting, I could have it there or I would go somewhere else.

Can't do that now because the apartment isn't set up for it and that makes it almost impossible to get the separation I need.

I went to a local library thinking I could find it there. Turns out that library also serves as the high school library and they hold classes there so it gets pretty noisy. Today, I am at a much larger library in Hemet. It's about a five minute drive--maybe I'll ride my bike over for the exercise.

It's much larger, quieter and more conducive to studying, researching and writing. Here, they observe the library etiquette that is ignored at the other library. Now I have no excuses. I better be able to get something done here.

Wish me luck.
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