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Welcome Back Home Friends!

Posted Apr 21 2010 6:31pm
Me, Indian Lake Mama & Papa
(A rose between two thorns?)  Ha! Ha!

Thank you Lord for my friends!  I am blessed with many, many great friends.

"The LORD would speak to Moses face to face, as a man speaks with his friend. ..." Exodus 33:11 (New International Version)

It is great to speak face to face again.  I pray that you have a close friend to talk with, face to face, but more importantly, I pray that you have Jesus as your friend too.

My pentamidine treatment went smoothly today.  
Monday's blood test had very good numbers except a high eosinophil count.  It has been high and climbing higher now.  It could be caused by GVHD, hay fever, a combination of both of those, or something else.  We are not sure.  

I may have to bump back up a steroid or immunosuppressant drug.  The goal is to tapper off all medications all together eventually, but the BMT doctors warned me that they may have to increase some drugs back up for awhile from time to time, as necessary.

I had another nice doctor visit on Tuesday.  They didn't have the results for the RA test back yet.  Hopefully, I'll find out the results by next week.

Still waiting on the new job answer.  "No news is good news!"

Tomorrow is my 47th birthday, not including my two "2nd Birthday" celebrations.  Does that mean I'm getting older twice as fast now?  ;-D

Have a great day friend!  Isn't it just great to be home! 

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