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We Have Shrinkage

Posted Sep 24 2010 4:05am

I can’t describe the feelings we’re feeling at the moment. Even though it’s been hours since getting the good news, I can't sleep. I was planning for bad news after the last two scans we had. 2010 has been a trying year so I went in fully expecting major growth while Glenda preferred to expect the best.

I must have had scanxiety the night before because I had a rough night sleeping. I am glad it was a waste on my part. I feel I should be shedding tears of joy or relief but I can‘t seem to muster them yet. Maybe it hasn’t hit yet.

Anyway, here are the results as the report says. I am summarizing the paragraphs to conserve space.

TECHNIQUE: Scanning was performed on a 16-slice MDCT scanner through the chest, abdomen and pelvis and images were reconstructed at 2.5 and 5 mm thickness,


Mediastinum: There has been definite decrease in size of virtually all of the mediastinal and bilateral nodes. A conglomeration of right paratracheal nodes measures 30 x 16 mm vs. 36 x 21 mm on the prior exam. A previously noted superior right paratracheal node now measures 8 x 8 mm vs. 23 x 17 mm on the previous exam. A previously noted right hilar node now measures no more than15 x 16.5 mm vs. 31 x 27 mm on the prior exam. A previously noted subcarinal nodal mass now measures 29.5 x 15.5 mm vs. 35 x 25 mm on the prior exam. The heart is unremarkable in appearance.

LUNGS: There has been significant decrease in size and number of the multiple bilateral pulmonary nodules are a representative nodule in the posterior lateral left lower lobe now measure 9 x 5.5 mm vs. 13.5 x 12 mm on the prior exam. A previously noted 19 x 11.5 mm nodule abutting the pleural surface of the posterior lateral right lower lobe now measures no more than 10 x 9 mm.

LIVER AND SPLEEN: There has been interval decreases in size of the two previously noted hepatic lesions. The first lesion in the lateral right hepatic lobe now measures 21 x 15 mm and is associated with an adjacent surgical clip vs. 35 x 27 mm on the prior exam. The second lesion in the posterior aspect of the right hepatic lobe now measures 15.5 x 13 mm vs. 23 x 26 mm on the prior exam. The spleen remains normal.

So, needless to say, we are jazzed. I plan to keep eating the cancer fighting foods. I don’t know for sure that they’re working but then I don’t know that they aren’t. So why stop eh?

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