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We dodged a bullet today!

Posted Aug 06 2009 11:07pm 1 Comment

Went to the specialist this morning. First thing is that he is not an oncologist but an ear, nose and throat man. Those guys are cruel. Okay, there is one specialist who could be meaner but I won't talk about that but men know of what I speak.

He walked in wearing a way cool Hawaiian shirt and went straight for the file. Said Dr. Benzor called him about my case. Why do they talk to you as they read the file? Are they so freaking intelligent they can talk and listen at the same time?

Then he walked to where I was sitting and stuck his fingers on the side of my neck. Just like that. Not even a howjado or anything.

"That's a spit gland," says he.

I layed my best tough guy tone on him and asked, "Are you sure it isn't a lymph node? Dr. Benzor said it is a lymph node."

He pushed my head back and sprayed something up my nose. Terrible stuff and it running down my throat made it more so. Tissue time.

He replied, "Nah, It's a spit gland." Then he felt the other side and said he felt something there too. Next thing I know he's grabbing the back of my neck.

"Do I feel anything there?" he asks. "No, I don't" he says.

He steps to a poster on the wall and points to a gland on the side of the jaw and says, "There's the little guy there," and turns and grabs this long thin stainless steel prod, and I wonder what the devil he's going to do with that.

Suddenly, he pushes my head back and sticks it up my nose and Glenda says, "Hey, you should see this Hon. You're on TV!" I'm a tad occupied so turning my head to look at a TV isn't really a good idea at the moment.

Besides, the thing felt awful. "Your skull is fine," says the doc. "Just far up is that thing?" I want to shout. He checks the other one, and then he does something that would have made me jump out of the chair had I had the time. He uses a wipe to clean the probe then he sticks it in my mouth and tells me to say aah.

I wanted to say something besides aah but he was trying to get a look at my navel.

That was the worst of the escapade. He checked my ears and looked down my throat and pronounced everything clear.

He said if the lump is there in two weeks he would gladly do a biopsy but he was certain it is a spit gland and the antibiotics I am taking would clear it up. Oh, speaking of antibiotics...

Dr. Benzor saw water behind my left ear drum. Dr. Carvalho did not. Just the same, I will take the antibiotics to clear up the spit gland and hope it works.

I called my folks and let them know. Mom started thanking God and Jesus and everyone else in heaven she could think of and we talked about them coming to California because her doctor said she could travel.

And Glenda is beside herself with happiness. She was dancing around the house today and laughing and hugging me. She joked with her sister and mother as she shared her good news.

And I was happy that she was happy.
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;-) I'm happy for you and your family.


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