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We can only survive cancer when we start working together

Posted Apr 21 2009 8:40pm


Melanie Haiken Caring dot com We all know that 2 heads know more than 1. So just imagine what will happen if we all put our heads and resources together in order to find a cure for cancer?


Unfortunately: researchers want to be the first to find the cure and monetize it. Great for them, nothing wrong with making money yet a waste of time for all of us suffering with cancer.


Luckily Wellsphere understand that putting all the experiences of us all in one place makes a difference. Just like putting all the secondary liver cancer survivors on our site together to find out that :


  • you can survive secondary liver cancer but
  • you need to do everything right.


Melanie Haiken Caring dot com In order to give you even more resources, I want to introduce you to Melanie Haiken: the Senior Editor of the Cancer channel at where she helps you to help your parents.


Melanie took care of her father while he was treating his esophageal cancer, which ended his life much too soon. She is a single mother of two daughters taking also care of her mother, who has multiple health problems including low vision.


This week she wrote a post about a new cancer treatment: new type of chemoembolization using tiny micro-beads soaked in the chemotherapy drug Adriamycin (doxorubicin). You can read it in full at New Hope for Liver Cancer.


Those who know me already know that I will say: don't wait until you or somebody else discovers the 1 and only miracle cure for cancer.


As our cancer survivors are showing: they only survived cancer because:


  • they did everything right to improve their general health and
  • at the same did fight the cancer.


We do invite everybody to share their cancer experiences in order to put all the pieces of the puzzle together so more people can survive cancer.

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