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WBC=11.6-high absolute neutrophils-high-9767 absolute eosinophils-low-12 what could this mean for me? Should I be concerned?

Posted by kd76

I had a cold/cough in may.  Started to feel better but cough never cleared.  Started having chest pain in July.  Chest xray and then CT chest in august showed pneumonia.  Still not better in September after Biaxin.  Next CT Chest showed very small nodule on R-lung, spots of emphysema-L-lung.  Still coughing and chest pain, body very achy, very tired.  I was put on Symbicort, Cough syrup w/codeine, Prednisone, Zithromax.  Recent CBC shows: WBC high-11.6, Absolute Neutrophils-high-9767, and absolute eosinophils-low-12.  I should also tell you I was just tested for allergies with a serum test which was positive for dust mites, cockroaches, ragweed, bermuda grass, timothy grass, mugwort, and shrimp.  My IGE was high-179.  My concern is with the blood count.  I have a history of endometriosis as well.  I am concerned about cancer. What could this mean for me? any thoughts?


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