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Vitamins, Hypnosis, Toothpaste, an Organic Diet, and Spring Water

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:17pm
Here is the promised information! Not everyone will enjoy this one. I must admit that it's a little too scientific even for me. However, for those who want the info, here it is. I hope it is helpful.

Remember, this is not anything I'm suggesting or advocating, and a lot of it I haven't even tried yet, but I am trying some things and building on them. Realize this is all very new to me and I'm just passing along what's been given to me.

Some of this is copied directly from a couple of different senders and combined so it will flow. Wording will probably indicate this to you.

Oh, bother; someone just please bring me a martini! :)
Apparently regular toothpaste has fluoride in it. We all knew that. However, I'm told that fluoride causes mercury to go directly to the brain, and also causes calcification. Can you say Alazheimers? Geez. You can get non-fluoride toothpaste at Whole Foods in the Vitamin section. Vitamin Girl (as I've named her) can assist you.

Organic Diet and Spring Water:
For the particular type of cancer I'm dealing with right now, I need a mostly high protein diet with few carbs. Did you know cancer feeds on sugar? I didn't. Eat as organically as possible, and eat complex carbs, like winter squashes. Nothing white, like rice and sugar. Kroger carries a good organic selection of groceries. Stay away from bananas, oranges, and pineapple. You will want berries and apples, organic, of course. Don't forget to drink only Spring Water ... fluoride raises its head again in tap water. This apparently irritates everything.

[From here forward, I have copied info from friends who I believe to be knowledgeable, very - Make up your own mind and check with your doctor and Vitamin Girl for more info and proper dosages]

Integrative Medicine Consult:
A consult with Dr. David Forbes is beneficial. Forbes is a fine and gentle fellow, and would approve of each of the recommendations that follow. He might, however, be able to tweak them to your individual chemistry. You can find him on his website at He might also be willing to do IV Vitamin C, provided that he feels it would be beneficial. Anyone would GREATLY benefit from a consult with him.

Another option is Dr. Reisman. Dr. Reisman is very competent, very smart, very capable. I would only go to him if you can't get in to see Dr. Forbes. The other benefit to him is that, while I am not certain that Dr. Forbes does IV Vitamin C, this treatment is standard protocol for Dr. Reisman in treating any neoplasm.

Vitamin C:
In addition to being a free-radical scavenger, Vitamin C is also an immuno-stimulant, which helps to enhance your body's endogenous cancer scavenger, IgE, into working to its fullest potential. Vitamin C also helps to correct the metabolic imbalance, lowering your body's pH (despite the obvious contradiction that ascorbate is an acid).

As for Vitamin C, it is certainly fine to start at 1500 mg. Just make sure that you keep titrating up. Remember that the body, in its healthiest state, needs approximately 4 gram of Vitamin C daily for survival. Now, mind you, a great deal of Vitamin C is synthesized endogenously (your body makes it), with a limited amount needed from external sources. Many mammals, in fact, synthesize all the Vitamin C their bodies need endogenously, needing no nutritional source. Humans aren't like that and need external sources. Furthermore, in a disease state, it is unlikely that your body is synthesizing adequate amounts, coupled with the fact that your cellular needs for Vitamin C are increased exponentially.

These recommendations based on no knowledge of any current medications that you are taking and supplements you are taking. Ensure that you won't have any medication interactions. Because, remember, vitamins and herbs, while "natural", in pharmacologic doses ARE drugs too.

A healthy person can get adequate intake of these vitamins and minerals from a balanced diet, and doesn't necessarily require this kind of supplementation. But, in disease states, the body’s demand for these nutrients far exceed the normal dietary intake. And also, we are not using these supplements to replace them at normal dietary levels, we are using them to kill cancer and keep the cancer from killing your body.

B12 5000mcg (preferably the sublingual version). B12 has some significant anti-neoplastic properties, in addition to its profound effects on managing fatigue, of which cancer fatigue is some of the worst.

800 IU of Vitamin E. Preferably a supplement with mixed tocophenals -- alpha, beta, gamma, and delta. Long demonstrated anti-neoplastic properties.

Coenzyme Q-10 400 mg For fatigue and anti-neoplastic properties. Will help protect your heart against damage to the valves from chemotherapy. May also protect your pericardial sac from damage when and if you get radiation.

Niacin 500mg. Niacin will help prevent bone marrow suppression and chronic development of secondary leukemia due to chemotherapy treatment. Take this at night, as it can be somewhat sedating. Be warned, many people experience a slight niacin "flush" reaction. This is PERFECTLY normal. You can avoid this by taking a 325mg aspirin 30 minutes before administration of the niacin.

B-Complex (any will do -- when taking any specific pharmacologic dose of a B-vitamin, it must always be taken with a B-complex supplement, because each of the B-vitamins have a synergistic effect)

Selenium 600mcg Stimulates apoptosis of neoplastic growths Vitamin C 5000mg (5 grams) daily. Increase by 1 gram (1000mg) weekly until bowel tolerance.

2000mg of EPA (from fish oil) daily. The cheapest, and less "fish oil burpy" version I have found is Finest One-Per-Day (though you will really take 4) Omega 3 Fish Oil. Can be found at Walgreens or Walmart. Another good brand is Country Labs Mood EPA. The most important component of fish oil for cancer properties is the EPA. None of the other ingredients should be of any relevance to you, therefore you need to choose the supplement with the highest EPA content. The less pills you take the better. If you decide to use other supplements, your intake should still equal 2000mg of EPA daily.

As for the Vitamin C -- Vitamin C is a water soluable vitamin, therefore you cannot "overdose on it." However, you can only start with a certain amount (5 grams) because the body will diurese (urinate) out the rest of it initially. Once your body has acclimated (1-2 weeks), then slowly increase your dose until "bowel tolerance," that is, until it causes loose stools. Intravenous Vitamin C is a standard treatment along with chemo for oncologists trained in integrative medicine.

Vitamin E is more appropriate for the evening as it does affect blood coagulation, and thus increases risk for bleeding. Niacin is sedating. Fish oil gives you the burps, hence why it needs to be taken at night. The B-Complex is also sedating.

As for purchasing them -- these are all very main-line supplements that can be found in Walmart or Walgreens. You can usually get good deals on them if you order them through I hope I have been of help to you, my dear.

Recommended Site for Vitamins from the Internet:

Hypnosis Therapy by my friend, Richard Sutphen:

When Richard sent me the hypnosis CD for ridding the body of cancer, he asked me to listen to it every night before going to sleep, which I have faithfully done. It is exceedingly relaxing and keeps me centered! What follows is some biographical information on Richard. He's a good person with a great heart. What a nice, encouraging note he sent me. Thanks, Richard.

Sutphen is a best-selling author, world-renowned hypnotherapist and seminar trainer. In 1976 he created and marketed the first prerecorded hypnosis tapes through his Valley of the Sun Publishing. Today, the company is a leader in this field, offering over 300 audio and video titles in worldwide release.

Dick has authored 19 books, seven for Simon & Schuster Pocket Books. The Oracle Within has been published in nine countries. He is often a featured speaker at professional conventions such as the American Board of Hypnotherapy, at which he has been a keynote speaker eight times. Sutphen Seminars are conducted annually in from five to 35 cities as well as in England, Ireland and Australia. Over 150,000 people have attended a seminar, festival workshop or retreat. He has appeared on hundreds of local and national radio and TV shows.
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