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Vitamin D May Lower Colon Cancer Risk

Posted Jan 21 2010 12:00am

"I believe vitamin D is the number one public health advance in medicine in the last twenty years."
~ Dr. John Whitcomb, Aurora Sinai Medical Center
More research was released today on the importance of Vitamin D in our diets. The study consisted of more than 520,000 people from 10 countries in Western Europe. The participants gave blood samples and filled out questionaires on their diet and lifestyle over a period of six years. Researchers tracked them for several more years to see what happened. What they found was that those with the highest levels of vitamin D in their blood had a 40 percent lower risk for developing Colon Cancer, compared with those with the lowest levels. 
Ron and I live in the northern hemisphere, where we have less exposure to sunlight. When we were tested, we both had low levels of Vitamin D in our blood. So, we now take a supplement and have our levels monitored periodically. 
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