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uterine-ovarian cancer information and treatment

Posted by jmccarthy48

My friend was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After surgery to remove the tumor on her ovary plus a full hystorectomy the pathology report indicated that the original source of her cancer was in the uterus (the fluid in her abdomen was also cancerus). She is scheduled for chemo and radiation treatments.

Is there information available on this type (uterine-ovarian) of cancer?

Is this a rare form of cancer?

What stage of cancer would this be considered?

Thank you in advance for any information you can provide.

 Sincerely, Joe McCarthy

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You should probably read information on both uterine AND ovarian cancer to familiarize yourself with both.

Cancer that starts in the uterus (uterine/endometrial cancer) and spreads to the ovaries/other organs is pretty common place with  Stage 2 or Stage 3 (sounds more ominous that it is). Staging is just a way for them to say whether a cancer is still where it began, moved outside the original area, tumors, no tumors, etc so it's more important to find out what her personal prognosis is. ;)

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