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Update April 23, 2007

Posted Jan 15 2009 7:57pm

Again, this is Angie's sister Mindi writing. After a conversation from Angie this evening around 10:00 pm central time, the pathology was revealed by Dr. Edwards this evening. He said it was called a Glioblastomo Grade IV tumor. I have done a little research on this type of tumor before writing this blog and have added a web page for people to explore if you want to know more. Also the American Brian Tumor Association page has a lot of information on it, that address is

The Stanford hospital as well as Dr. Edwards, Angie and Brian's brothers are trying to still get Brian's records from his last radiation treatments he had to see if he is elligible for more radiation. They are trying to get the information from the hospitals in Colorado. Once they get that, they will be determine if he could have the cyber-knife radiation treatments. He would stay out in California to have this procedure and it would happen sometime next week. He is moving to the rehab floor tomorrow to get extensive rehab as he is progressing very well in his speech. He is following four and five step commands and is saying more and more words that he is coming up with on his own. For instance, if you told him to name a fruit, he could say, apple, orange, pear on his own. As for physical therapy, he is still having some issues with his right side motor functions. He did stand today and tried to step side to side but his right side has a hard time following. The therapist thinks he has great potential to regain a lot back though.

Brian is a fighter and I know he will not give up. Angie is fighter as well and such a great supporter and encourager to fight against this. It is a new battle again, he has over came one already 10 years ago and it is just time to overcome another. They are so strong and courageous that I know they can do this again. Brian, you are so many people's heros, so many people look up to you and see the good in you and all you do, so just keep fighting, don't ever give up. Angie, we are all here for you as well, try to keep your head up as I know it hard sometimes. You are an amazingly strong wonderful person, and if anyone can keep this battle going, it is you. Like I said before, "It is God's Battle, not ours" God has a plan for all of us, we just don't know what his plan is, but it is in His hands. All we can do is fight and that is what we need to do at this time.

Angie, Brian and all the O'Neills, please know that there are 100's of people willing to help in any way. Please let me or somebody know, if there is anything at all that we can do for you in any way. The prayers are still coming strong and please continue to pray for all the O'Neills, as Jan is still in the hospital as well. Don't get discouraged or dwell, just pray that much harder for this family.


We love all of you,


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