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TV what a concept!

Posted Oct 16 2009 10:03pm

I just went through the longest stretch of my life (I think) without having a tv to veg out to at night, 2 months. Honestly, I didn't miss it that much being so busy travelling and such. I have to say though, now that I've got my big tv hooked up in my bedroom and full access to all channels and On Demand I'm pretty stoked! There's a station on Comcast called palladia and they play only live music shows in HD! Just got done watching an amazing guitarist (Jeff Beck) jamming with some amazing musicians in his band and guests popping in like Eric Clapton and others. They play videos in between shows and I'm watching Ben Harper's "Diamonds on the Inside" which is really cool. It's a beautiful song and it has all these great surfing clips. Last night it was On Demand catching up on a couple of great shows on HBO, Entourage and Hung. I've been watching Entourage for a couple years now and love it but this new show Hung is really interesting and funny! It's a pretty risque theme but tastefully and well done. Plus, it's all shot in my backyard here in the D!! Not to mention, I get to watch the ball games now without having to try and get them to play on my laptop. That was always sketchy...

I think I've been back home for over a month now and just wanted to thank my Mom, Rich and Nicole for inviting me in and making me feel so welcome :) The support has been great and I appreciate all the things you guys do...

Still no news from Dr. Ram... That said, I feel pretty good and thinking maybe I don't need any more treatment, ha! Oh well, it's fun to fantasize sometimes... ;)

Also, praying for our friend Jean who's taken a tough turn with her pancreatic cancer. She's been and continues to be an inspiration to me and I'm sure anyone who knows her...
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