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TURBT Surgery #1 for Bladder Cancer - April, 2008

Posted Oct 21 2008 12:19am

We were told to report to the hospital at 11:30AM for a 1:00PM starting time. I was to be the doc's third from last surgery that day. We arrived a few minutes early, got questioned and processed and paid (a little). Then we went to the Ambulatory Care Center, where they showed us to a semi-private cubby. The room was nice, with a personal cable TV, phone, recliner, and window. It was overcast with snow flurries in SLC yesterday, but we occasionally saw sun. Vicki, my outptient nurse, was most excellent and sympathetic. She instructed me to put my clothes in the closet and don the hospital gown and special socks (with rubberized traction soles). Then she came back and got me comfortable on the gurney, elevating the back like a deck chair, and covered my exposed legs and feet with a blanket. She offered to hook the gown to a warm air source. I thought she was kidding, but they really have those now to help you stay warm. I was comfortable as is, so I declined. She took and recorded my temperature (normal) and blood pressure (overly elevated) a couple of times, and asked me several questions about the last time I ate/drank anything and if I had taken any pills recently. Vicki went to check the schedule, and they were ahead, so we were bumped up to 12:30. By that time it was almost noon. I had brought tunes & headphones and a pile of reading materials for the long wait, but for only half an hour I didn't need them ...
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