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Travels and Tranfusions

Posted Aug 19 2009 6:32pm
Today started out with early morning travels. I am once again getting tranfusions today, but hoping to be done before they close at 8 p.m. and it looks like that just might happen. It is 4:45 p.m. and I am almost done with my second bag of red blood, and have to receive the platlets still, which run fast. I got up and was here at 6:30 a.m. for blood counts and type and crossing, then we headed home, expecting them to call around noon to say the blood was ready. Today was open house for Christian and Sofia, and as they were getting ready and heading out they called at 8:20 and said it was ready, my levels were critical to come right away. I could tell I needed both blood and platlets, when you need red blood you can feel the blood pounding in your heart and ears and that started yesterday and I felt so tired, plus bleeding whenever I blew my nose. This morning I discovered little red pechia dots on my legs, which means platlets are needed. I told Steven it is sad when you look forward to going in to get tranfusions, because you know you will feel so much better when they are done. And getting up early paid off, the bonus was the and blood was ready we could start earlier.

We stopped at school for Sofia's open house and were in and out in 10 minutes, she met her teacher, explored the room quickly, got her packets and we were out of there. Steven and Sofia drove me back to Coral Springs and dropped me off to start my long day and headed back home to take Christian to his open house - all before 9 a.m.! So Steven is at work, the kids home with the babysitter and everyone starts school tomorrow. I am doing my new job - sitting here getting the transfusions which are saving my life. I want to be doing so many other things, but this is most important right now. Next week once my counts recover, I am anxious to do some things outside of the house, the bonus will be feeling good and not being worried about catching everything. We are getting to the number of days after chemo where your counts start rising on their own, that will mean no more tranfusions or shots. Every night I have to have a Neupagin shot, which boosts white blood cells. You can call Steven "Dr. Steven" now, he does it for me and I have to say I am very impressed, after the initial first time of being anxious, I am not anymore and it does not hurt. He is so wonderful, there is nothing that he would not do for me, I am truly thankful for him, this is a stressful time for him trying to take care of me, the kids and working, and he is doing so great.

As a bonus for my birthday tomorrow I get to have no doctor appointments, blood checks or tranfusions, which will be wonderful break. After taking the kids to school, I think I will be taking a very long nap and then preparing for Christian's birthday which is Wednesday. He will celebrate with a treat at school and then dinner and a dessert of his choice at night. When my counts are recovered, we will have his party in two weeks or so. I will get an early blood check Wednesday so if I need tranfusions, I can be home at dinner time to celebrate with him. I am so happy that I have remained fever / infection free and not had to go back inpatient in the hopsital, I feel like I keep waiting for that to happen, but am thrilled it has not. Even though I am here all day, it is great to go home at night and be there for them in this big week.

And please if you are able to, go and donate blood soon, do it in honor of me and my birthday. I am here today due to medicine, doctors, science, etc. but without the blood tranfusions, I would not be here. It takes a small amount of time, but it is so vital to so many sick people. When I think about that between Friday and today's tranfusions, it took 8 people donating to give me those tranfusions, I am so thankful and can't imagine if they did not go and give blood and what if it was not available to me? It is so easy to forget that so many people everywhere need it and how critical it is to them when we are in the day to day of living our lives. I know I was guilty of that before Leukemia came into my life. If you donate, leave me a comment or email - I love to know how many others are helped.

And one more exciting thing before I sign off for today, our good friend Gene who came to the bone marrow drive to get tested got a call from the Be The Match Registry saying they needed more info and would like to talk to him. He is the first person from everyone we know that registered to be contacted by them. It does not mean it is for me, it would be awesome if he was my match, but it is also exciting to think that he might be helping to save another persons life who needs it somewhere in this world - I will keep you updated on what comes of it.
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