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Traffic police" protein Command key step in cell division

Posted Jul 31 2012 4:39pm

Scientists ,who are from Heidelberg, Germany, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) ,have found a Lem4 protein in command of a critical step in cell division, through stopping the advance of a molecule in one side , while releasing molecules in annather side.The study published in theCellon July 6.


For embryonic growth or tissue regeneration, cell must undertake division. When a cell divides into two, once the chromosome is also divided into two, the nuclear membrane surrounding the nucleus would have to collapse and then rebuild. Because of this restructuring, a BAF protein must remove the phosphate chemical label. Changes in protein phosphorylation state, with or without phosphate label ,can be involved in regulation of protein phosphorylation or / and dephosphorylation activity. The EMBL scientists have discovered a new molecule called Lem4, it served as the role of traffic police, preventing a protein from adding BAF phosphorylation tag, while letting another protein to remove the existing label.
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