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toys & clothes & more clothes

Posted Nov 06 2004 12:00am
Yesterday was another odd day of running around but it ended really nicely as DH and I had a terrific time at dinner. We were home a little after 8:30 but Mom had already put the kidlets to bed, so it was just nice and relaxing. We shared a bottle of wine with dinner and I could barely stay awake as a result. I think I was asleep by 10:30, which must be record for little night-owl me.

Today we both slept in until nearly 10, and you'd think that with all that sleep my dark circles would be somewhat abated, but nooooo. There they are, there they shall remain, I think. When I took DD to the pediatrician yesterday, she grilled me on my condition, saying I looked "exhausted and too thin. How much weight have you lost?" Um, haven't lost any in about 6 months? I dunno, I seem to be holding steady per the scale upstairs, but everyone who sees me thinks I'm skinny. And exhausted (usually true). I did give the dr the bullet on the thyroid cancer, which is somewhat relevant as thyroid issues tend to run in families.

So, after the leisurely evening and morning, we went through all the kids' clothes and cleaned out what doesn't fit and figured out what they need, pestering the kids to try on this and that and generally irritating them (hee). After lunch, I took DD to Target, and Mom came along too -- we scored big for her, finding leggings and turtlenecks that are perfect for school (although no navy blue ones, too bad), also pj's for DS2 and l/s shirts, but struck out on the pants we got for DS1, they just fit him, and he needs some growing room. So those will have to go back, no big deal. Then DD cruised the too-many toy aisles and bought herself a big Disney princess tea pot with tea-party plates, cups, etc inside; 3 little stuffed animals and a little slinky at Target's $1 store, and the new flat-screen LiteBrite, a bargain at $7. But it needs 3 "D" batteries, and we're out, so she couldn't use it today, much to her disappointment.

All 3 kids spent a lot of time playing with My Little Pony Castle today. DD even brought down all of her ponies from her room so they could have a party. They really did have fun with it, it was great to watch them. I think she really enjoyed her birthday.

After supper I checked my mail and found an email from Coldwater Creek: 30% off everything, just for me (haven't shopped there in a while, "we want you back!") So I figured I could maybe do some Christmas shopping and found nice sweaters for several people, and a really pretty fancy red top that I can wear with my black pants when we go to see the Pops in November. I really have to go through my "big box of new toys" upstairs before shopping this year; I know I have some things that the kids would really like, like some Lego Star Wars kits for DS1. At this point, I have no idea what I even have up there! Time to get organized.

Unless my endo calls on Monday and says they're scheduling me for RAI next week, Mom's going home on Wednesday as planned, and we'll work out coverage for the kids with our available resources when the time comes for me to go in the hospital. The likelihood of it being next week or even the week after is quite slim, and I know Mom would like to get home to prepare for the holidays there. I really do appreciate her being here, it's such a big help not having to do the entire dinner -- I maybe do one thing, and she'll do all the rest, or sometimes I'll just set the table. Or sometimes I don't do a thing. And it is such a great help in the morning, she will get the kids their breakfast -- that is what is going to be the hardest to do when she goes. I may start making DS1's lunches the night before, just one less thing to do in the AM!

It's hard for me to believe I've been out of the hospital for just over 2 weeks now. My neck is a little itchy and hurts from time to time, but basically it feels fine. I have about 98% mobility, which is fantastic. My fatigue is creeping up though, which is tough to deal with but expected. So far I have been successful in just ignoring it, but I don't know how long I'm going to be able to do that.

Yesterday, before we left for dinner, Mom took a digital shot of the whole family, since DS2 needs one for his classroom. So, here we all are -- DS1 looking a bit goofy, but it's still a pretty great shot:

Edited to add: I'm not sure what that distortion is along the top of the image there... it's not showing up in the photo editor. Harumph!

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