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Today; Unexpected Kindnesses, Wheat Grass, and Hugs

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:17pm
Today was a good day. I let the rest of the people at my work know what was going on with me. I was amazed at the outpouring of kindness and offers of help. It truly brought a tear to my eye. I never expected it to that degree.

We all seem to run around so much these days, and when something happens to disrupt that, like an illness, it's good to know that people stop to respond. I feel so well taken care of right now and so cared about. This is so important for each person on this earth! We all need to strive to be better at stopping the running around and noticing what is going on around us.

Several of my friends at work either have or have had cancer in some shape or form. There is a lot of note comparing going on. This is helpful.

Today, after work, I met up with my friend Dani, and since I'm mentioning her so often, you should visit her website: She introduced me to my first shot of wheat grass. I actually liked it. I also picked up some vitamins suggested by my friend Chris, a nurse at Vanderbilt who is very knowledgable, which Dani helped me find. She is an expert, at least to me, on these things. My head is spinning with all the new-ness of everything.

If I didn't know I was sick, I would not know I was sick. It's a whole other universe inside the body.

Next week I go to meet with my oncologists. One for chemo and one for radiation. That will be another step in the journey. Right now I try to shore up my body for the battle that is to ensue.

More nice emails today and a special visit from one of my favorites at work, Phil. What character he has. I just love him. Thanks, Phil. A hug was just what I needed. I hope the hug back helped you, too.

Tonight I have my organic dinner, take the vitamins, meditate, and then listen to a hypnosis CD made specifically for ridding the body of cancer sent to me by my friend, Richard. He is the president of the hypnosis society here in America, so I figure it's worth a definite shot. It was so nice of him to send it to me, along with a very nice handwritten note of encouragement.

When I have a little more time to put it together, I will be sharing here the different things one can look at taking to help the body endure chemo. This is a whole new world to me, and I'm tired from trying to learn it all so quickly.

For those at work who are reading this blog. Thank you for being so nice and caring toward me today. It really makes a person feel good. It truly does.

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