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Today....1 year ago....had second surgery ovarian tumor

Posted Jan 14 2010 12:00am
One year ago at this time 3:30PM I was in recovery room after my second surgery.....removal of my second cancer tumor, and a full hysterectomy  this one being for the ovarian tumor which was 8.5"..... I stayed longer in recovery room as I could not feel my legs. Due to the Epidural and anesthesia.
Was no fun..... I could not feel anything below my waist. This lasted for a long I remained there, unable to move while my family sat in the waiting room waiting for me.
I was so distressed I asked one of the nurses if I could have my mom come down to see me, I was worried about my parents sitting in waiting room since 6AM...and it was now 3:30PM, she allowed one visitor....I was happy to be able to see my mom and let her know I was good except for lack of feeling of my legs.
As long as I saw my mom and she was able to see me, I was good...... so back to sleep I went.
At approximately 5:30 my feeling in legs was slowly coming back GREAT....I could now feel my legs, what a awful feeling not feeling ones legs, I thought will this be permanent ? No, I came back to normal. The following day, one of my legs was still pretty numb, I knocked over the water container lol, was not pretty as I sat there on the chair, yeah they had me up and about the very next day.
I have to say.....2009 for me was hell........ 2 surgeries, chemo ........on and on
Today it feels like it all never happened, but it did
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