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Thyroid Nodule

Posted by Nue.H 23 years old female, 15 days ago i discovered a nodule on my right lobe, it's 14 mm on ultrasound, i also had the thyroid scaned and it showed that this nodule is a cold nodule..on ultrasound they mentioned that it's a complex nodule of soft tissues.

so i had yesterday a FNA and the result in the report was like this exactelly

 Cytological examination of films prepared from aspirate revealed many red cells, colloid material, groups of follicular cells with regular vesicular nuclei and very few lymphocytes, no evidence of cytological malignancy.


Thyroid gland, fna, cytology, follicular lesion with evidence of recent hemorrhage.


so my question is it cancer or just a tumor, and do i need an operation or i can have medications to treat it, and is it a dangerous case or not, and if i won't have an operation could it be cancer after a while?


Thanks very much

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