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Throughout the day my scrotum becomes REALLY hard, to the extent that i canot even stand up. could this be a sypmtom for cancer?

Posted by eskiiboy

This happens to me a couple of times a week now.

When i stand for a long time, like when at work, my scrotum becomes Extremeley hard and i when i try to compress it, it resists. It does not swell and become big in size but stays roughly the same size and becomes really hard.

The pain in my lower abdomen makes me lean forward a bit (to lessen the pain) and i end up putting a lot of strain on my lower back, which also ends up hurting.

Once i sit down for a bit (20mins) it usually softens considerably but not fully. When i have a shower it goes back to normal.

I think that i may have testicular cancer, but i did the self diagnosis test and realised that my testicles do not swell, only my scrotum hardens. I really want to know what it could be.

Would a blood test help identify anything?

Any help or simmilar experiences would be very helpful and much appreaciated.

Thank you.

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