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the time we ate Thanksgiving dinner at 8 pm

Posted Nov 24 2009 10:02pm

This story takes place on Thanksgiving Day about 15 years ago (give or take year). I was still married, as were the couple in this story.

My ex has been in the food business for nearly 40 years, since he was a teenager. he went from busboy to cook to waiter to restaurant manager to restaurant owner to food service director at various nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The man knows his way around the kitchen.

This particular Thanksgiving, Greg's brother was hosting the family dinner. They were expecting approximately 20 people for dinner. Greg offered to come over early and give them a hand. This was something he often did. He could make sure everything got finished on time and generally got the food on the table hot.

The plan was that dinner would be served at 4 pm. We arrived around 1:30 pm. We walk into the kitchen (which was tiny tiny tiny!), and what do we see? The TURKEY, sitting on the kitchen sink RAW!!!! And nothing else has been started either. No stuffing, no potatoes peeled, nothing. We just look in shock! Greg asks, "WHY is the turkey not in the oven??" "OH! We were waiting for you!" UH-oh!

Greg told them the turkey should have been put in the oven at 8 am and it will never be finished on time! So Greg gets moving. He cuts the turkey up, breasts, thighs, legs, wings. While he's doing that, I think I was cutting up veggies for the stuffing and trying to get that ready. He gets a roasting pan, and puts all the stuffing in the roasting pan, then places the pieces of turkey on top of the stuffing, covers with foil and gets it in the oven.  (By the way, this is a good tip if you have a really big turkey or even 2 turkeys to cook.  They fit side by side in the oven)

I'm not sure what his brother and sister-in-law were doing, if they were helping or in the other room, watching the football game. I honestly can't remember. I like to think they were a least lending a hand.

I don't think we actually ate at 8 pm, but it might have been 6 pm, a good 2 hours past the scheduled time. We probably had a lot of hors d'oevres to serve in the meantime. I think it was a long time before they offered to host a Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner again.

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