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the Replacement Battery for TOSHIBA PA3257U-1BRS isn't completely run out before

Posted Aug 29 2012 1:08am

1, the Replacement Battery for TOSHIBA PA3257U-1BRS  isn't completely run out before, not to charge the battery. To not completely discharge the battery charging may shorten the life of the battery. Regardless of your notebook use lithium electricity or nimh electric, must will electricity charge again after (power less than 1%), this is the best way to avoid memory effect.

2, remember that don't use small bulb, small resistance to discharge, had better make it natural discharge, and the computer automatic shutdown after they can continue to charge the. Also can use some third party software to discharge, of which IBM's discharge software is very nice, it can be said that there is a change decayed for magical function. So everybody the life time of the TOSHIBA PA3257U-1BRS Battery has been greatly reduced friend might as well try this software, may surprise you oh! Download get is a executable file isbr01ww. Exe, execute it will automatically generate a boot floppy disk.

3.How to check the TOSHIBA PA3257U-1BRS Battery charging times in use process, we often need to look at the number of battery, for IBM or SONY users are very convenient. According to the method can be set up. We by IBM machine, for example: the first step: in small Battery click on the button, and the second step: choose the same SONY Battery Information after the machine also has the interface see that the little arrow? It refers to is the battery charging times, if you go to buy machine, be sure to have a look at the machine battery charging times, this is whether the resolution for the prototype is very important point.

4.Had said the TOSHIBA PA3257U-1BRS Battery materials, we came to look at the origin of the battery, the general cell battery core producing area for Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and mainland China, etc., especially in Japan is in the majority. Compare among them famous is Japan's Sanyo (Sanyo), South Korea's LG, samsung, etc., the author use of IBM notebook battery is Japanese Sanyo (Sanyo) manufacture.

The battery consists of the TOSHIBA PA3257U-1BRS lithium Battery core component, generally they say 4 cell, 6 cell is refers to the number of battery core within the battery, the battery core in the market is easy to buy, the price is generally 10-20 dollars, South Korea, Taiwan and mainland China in processing is given priority to, the production of the battery are also Japan core. In a new generation of cell battery core, some of them are not the garden type battery core but use is block of lithium polymer, used in some in order to get more power and more small volume.

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