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The long road ahead.....

Posted Dec 26 2009 9:05am
Yes, it's me at last. Finally I feel well enough to sit here for a few moments and type an entry. It wont be very long - just long enough to say thank you to everyone who has sent me Christmas wishes/cards/presents. And to say thank you to Martin for keeping you all up to date with what's been happening here. Not a lot has changed - the wound in my left leg is still open and weeping a bit although the antibiotics seem to have worked and the infection is at last clearing up.

Such high dose anti biotics, taken over a long period of time, have several unpleasant effects too. They can make you feel very 'down', supress your appetite, give you thrush and make you feel very sick. But at least they are working at last.

Christmas was a very quiet affair here with Martin doing all the cooking. And a wonderful job he did as well. I must remember when Im better to let him do more cooking !! The weather has been very cold with quite a lot of snow about which made driving very dangerous on several days so it was nice for us all to hibernate and do nothing but keep warm and watch telly. Not that I felt like going out anyway - this feeling of complete and utter exhaustion wont leave me for more than 5 mins at a time. Every bone and muscle in my body aches and my legs permanently hurt still. Im desperately hoping for an improvement in this very soon. Im trying to do a little more each day - walk a little further round the house - stay out of bed a little longer each day etc..

Thursday I go to see Dr P. again - I shall report back on what he has to say.....
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