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The “Great Prostate Debate” — some pluses; some minuses

Posted Sep 28 2008 1:49pm

The Theragenics Corp. has just announced initiation of a national series (in the USA) of town hall meetings and telephone workshops on prostate cancer under the heading “The Great Prostate Debate.” Detailed information about this program is already available online. There are some obvious potential opportunities here to educate and inform men about prostate cancer. On the other hand, these events will most certainly include a “commercial” for brachytherapy.

The role of commercial companies in offering health educational initiatives that carry an additional promotional message has been much debated over the years. The “New” Prostate Cancer InfoLink has always felt that when these are events are done well, the benefit far outweighs the risks. However, we also feel that when the commercial aspect of such programs is allowed to overshadow the neutral educational opportunity, then the program is fundamentally flawed.

The concept behind the Great Prostate Debate seems like a really good idea. It offers the opportunity for the undiagnosed to learn about prostate cancer risks and treatments in a relatively “open” series of forums. On the other hand, we won’t know how the programs work in detail unless we participate, so The “New” Prostate Cancer InfoLInk encourages participation in these programs by patients and activists with personal experience and wide subject knowledge.

If the programs turn out to be nothing more than a big commercial for TheraSeed®, please feel able to complain loudly to the CEO of Theragenics. Her name is M. Christine Jacobs and her phone number is 770-271-0233. Equally, if the program is really well done, then I would also suggest you telephone her with congratulatory messages.

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