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The king escape wizards Thomas 1.9 seconds juesha emeka okafor and + 15 difficult savior

Posted Jan 30 2013 6:44am
The Sacramento Kings (17 games and negative) on the road reason success. Thomas had 22 points, he leads a team of five players in double figures in the final 1.9 seconds Thomas breakthrough jumper winning goal, and the Washington wizards (11-32 negative) within the last when its inside the ball away, king team on the road to a 96-94 victory over the Cheap Lebron X Washington wizards. The king's fourth end, the Washington wizards end two wins. The king's Thomas had 22 points and seven assists and four rebounds, luis Garcia scored 17 points, Evans had 13 points and six assists and five rebounds, test XinSi had 12 points and four rebounds, Thornton had 11 points, Robinson had nine points. Wizards emeka okafor had 23 points and 15 rebounds, theo had 19 points and six assists, Webster get and points, sierra Finn had 12 points and seven rebounds. The wizards in the backcourt is still theo and bill partner starts. Webster scored five points, emeka okafor and theo each take 4 points, the wizards after opening the 13-7 to lead. Robinson alone take 5 points, test XinSi two attack successful, they rate team played 11-3 small high tide, the first quarter has four points fifty seconds with the Kings and - 16 leading two points. After the two teams alternating rise points, emeka okafor state, a brave man scored eight points in the first quarter, the Washington wizards end to 32 - and five points ahead. Emeka okafor single Cheap Lebron 10 Shoes section to 14 points. The Kings outside in the second quarter fire, Thornton and Garcia to put into three 3-pointers, the Kings after to 36 flat. After forty flat Garcia and Thornton and a written all three points, the Kings in the half-time four and a half minutes with 47 - and win. Theo stand first breakthrough points, then a record dunk, he leads a team with 11-2 counterattack climax, half a minute before the wizards to 55-49 win 6 points. Garcia even take 4 points, woll jumper response, half ZhanBa wizards 57-53 lead. In the first half of the Washington wizards emeka okafor scored 16 points and eight rebounds, theo had 12 points; Kings Garcia scored 15 points, test XinSi get 10 points, Thomas get eight points and five assists. Evans and Thomas each had four points, they rate team 10-4 small high tide began to the third quarter, the king team win 2 points. Webster play four points success, sierra Finn turned to hook hit, this section and 3 1/2 minutes when the wizards to a 70-67 lead. The Sacramento Kings at continuous attack, trevor ariza Lebron 10 Elite and emeka okafor are two free throws wizards the advantage to open 7 points. Thornton layup inroads, Fred TeMing three points, the Kings at the end of the session of the 72-76 four points behind. Price layup inroads opened the fourth quarter, hayes, Fred, and Maurice Evans each had two points, the Kings switch for 78 flat. Theo two penalty one, Thomas and Thornton 3-pointer respectively, the Kings to a 86-81 win 5 points. The world take 4 points, three points in the Webster, a 9-3 counterattack wave let wizards in the fourth quarter when there are still two minutes in a 90-89 lead. Thomas breakthrough jumper, wizards continuous miss chance to win, they can only choose foul strategy, Evans made two free throws with 19.6 seconds left in the fourth quarter, when the Kings to a 93-90 lead. Theo layup inroads, Evans two foul shots after the final 11.7 seconds, when the Kings to a 94-92 lead. Wizards suspended after Webster jumper with 7.9 seconds before the final wizards switch for 94 flat. The Kings suspended after, Thomas breakthrough jumper with 1.9 seconds before the end of the Kings to a 96-94 lead. Nene long pass error, Thornton off the ball, the wizards to 2 points lost. The Lebron X For Sale last attack George was Andre iguodala steals, game with the final 0.5 seconds, the nuggets perimeter service, Andre iguodala and George for position in the latter fouls, Andre iguodala a ball after free throws a deliberately lost the second game time, walk the last 0.4 seconds, the nuggets to win four straight at home. For the final decision, the scene once appear dispute and the referee to watch videos, but in the end the nuggets still won the penalty for 4, after the Andre iguodala make amends, let the pacers last six minutes back into the wild geese.
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