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The jargon and red tape of state agencies

Posted Nov 19 2009 3:57am
Now that I know my son is back in the hands of a staff that seems to understand how to deal with him. Now that he is settled and back to eating, perhaps I can get back to fighting the system, for an increase on his budget.

The state agency that's responsible for my son's care has been determined to keep Jeffrey in the Provider's Care Program. Even at the expense of his safety, it seems that every plea that I have made to them from day one, has fallen on deaf ears. I have been clueless on how to deal with these people that claim to be his advocates. But little by little I am learning. And it seems like one of their little stall techniques have been to actually act clueless themselves. Considering I am never given any straight answers, this freaking agency is beginning to remind me of the secret societies of the freemasons. The best I could get out of them was "I don't know" or the answer given was so ambiguous, it just caused more confusion. About 2 months ago when I asked his case worker questions about medicaid funds, she actually said "that's none of your business" Then she caught herself and glossed her sentence over with "that's not for you to know"

The director of the brain injury facility reminded me that I should start getting all the assistance I can, in getting him into their facility long term before his respite funding runs out. So I decided to call disability rights again, to ask for advice. I informed her, considering every thing that has happend to my my son, I feel he is in need of a medicaid waiver, so he could stay long term at the brain injury facility. She said "he already has a medicaid waiver, but if he stays at the facility long term, he will need an increase. Have you requested an increase in his waiver? Because you have to make a request for an increase on his waiver"

Unfortunately I was clueless of the direct process I needed to take. With all the conversations I had with them, they had to know this is what I wanted. At one time the case worker asked "is your goal, to have your son stay at Rose Meadow?" My answer was yes. So now it's back to them acting clueless and playing little word games with me, pretending they have no idea what I want. Even though they are aware of what I want, yesterday I made it official. I wrote a letter requesting an increase on his waiver. I have also contacted the Ombudsman agency.
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