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Posted Feb 02 2010 4:54pm
When I started this journal, I did it with the thought of finding others like my son, (actually the loved one of others like my son). As it's highly unlikely that someone like my son could keep a daily journal. Well unfortunately in my last 3 years of blogging I have not found anyone who has been mentally damaged from the removal of a brain tumor as my son was. It took many hours of research to eventually learn that to much radiation can do psychological damage to the brain. But this damage does not surface until after 10 years. So it took approximately 10 years before the severe psychological damage set in. He is not a true schizophrenic, yet he displays the symptoms of a paranoid schizophrenic.

The last 3 years I have been my son's voice, and his only advocate. This has been a heart breaking troubling journey, with an unpromising future for Jeffrey. In the process of recording the ongoing events, I have found some very interesting journals to read. And some very caring, concerned, readers have visited my journal.

At this point, I fear that my son will only be going down hill, and as he slides down that maddening, unbalanced, slope, I'll be sliding right along with him. As what happens to my son, also affects me. So considering the future is not looking very flourishing, anything I add to this journal will be repetitious. Everything I have documented will be here. But I have decided not to add anymore.
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