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The doctor walked in and shook o ...

Posted Aug 25 2009 10:55pm
The doctor walked in and shook our hands. "You look good," he told me.

We chatted a minute as I told him how tired I have been lately and the sore feet. He looked at the file now about four inches thick and said, "the tumors shrank so it could be the Sutent."

We laughed because it's my excuse for everything. If Glenda has to repeat something I blame the Sutent. If I feel lazy, it's the Sutent. If I want to take a nap, well...

He said the shrinkage wasn't a lot but the tumors aren't that big to begin with so it turns out that on a small tumor, 1 mm is alot. Size does matter.

He also said everything was normal. I asked about the blood and he looked and said it was normal. And, no new tumors. So we will stay with the Sutent as long as it keeps the cancer stable. Who knows how long that will be but we'll take it.

We scheduled labs and a scan in December with a complete blood count in two months here in San Jacinto with my GP so we don't have to go so far just to give blood. Nice huh?

Glenda and I almost danced around the room as Dr. T wrote the presciption for the blood work and the scan. No, that isn't us in the photo. We looked at each other and held up both thumbs and smiled.

I was excited what with school starting the same day and so we waited for the appointment. While we waited, Dr. T came out and said he wanted to talk with us so we stepped outside.

He said he looked at my thyroid number. It was slightly low so he gave us a script for a med to raise it to normal. My thyroid is just low enough to make me tired so hopefully this will fix that issue.

The new business got started Friday. We got our first job and did it over the weekend. The plan is to grow the business a lot in the coming 12 months. I'll need my energy for that so let's hope the thyroid med works.

Today my business partner told me he has another interest and would like to help get the business to the point that he can step out of it entirely. Until then, he will continue investing and helping grow the company. Once we reach stability he wants me to repay him for his investment and he will move on.

School, work and stability. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket.
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