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The Dance of Joy

Posted Sep 07 2008 7:56pm
Yesterday was not easy, but it is done. This phase of my treatment is complete. The chemo was unhooked and I had my last radiation treatment. It was wonderful to walk out of there without all of the extra equipment attached to me. The port is still in place, but the rest of it is outta here! Do not take this to mean that I am not grateful for this treatment. While it did impede my movement in several ways, it also helped to save me. Something to consider!

I didn't feel well enough yesterday to answer well wishing e-mails or even to post a blog entry, so I gave into it and rested. Today is much better.

I plan to return to work tomorrow, barring any complications, and I am looking very forward to that. In a week I will return to facilitating my meditation group until time for surgery, and I am really looking forward to that. Meditation practice and philosophy have really served me in this process.

In 5 weeks I will visit the surgeon to schedule surgery. Elizabeth, Bliss, and Marjie will accompany me. I want as many of my spiritual warrior women around me as possible for this visit! The others will be there in spirit.

After surgery I will rest a few weeks and then begin intensive chemo.

I am already feeling so much better, but as friend and fellow cancer survivor Dave said to me in a recent email, " After radiation it does take several weeks for the body to start coming back, so don't expect a sudden burst of energy. Getting better every day in every way is the mantra. Also be aware of possible mental after effects. It can be similar to Post Trauma Syndrome - sudden crying, depression and feeling fearful. Your meditation experience will be a great boon to you. One of the Olympic swimmers has cancer and his mantra is, "I have cancer, it doesn't have me."

Hopefully I will not experience these mental after-effects, but I most definitely agree with and try to live by that mantra. Thanks, Dave!

Another friend said to me this morning, it is time for a dance of joy. Accordingly, I believe the following photo is in order. Some of my best friends - Marjie, Dani (Me), and Bliss, in our best Charley's Angels pose a while back. Who knew, at that time, that I would be using these photos in this way! Keep everything - you never know when you may need it!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I leave you with the "Dance of Joy" (thanks, Melna, for that descriptive!)

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