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The Budwig Protocol - What the FOCC???

Posted Apr 03 2009 2:25pm

The Budwig Protocol - What the FOCC??? - April 3, 2009

Last December I got acomment from someonerecommending the Budwig Protocol. I dismissed it at the time, having researched it briefly some time ago. Lately I've been reading a book recommended by Ed B. in Washington State. The author also speaks highly of the Budwig Protcol's central recommendation - a combination of Flaxseed Oil with Cottage Cheese that's supposed to give the body a super zap of linolenic Omega 3 fatty acids. We've all heard that these Omega-3s are good for you, and that they are found chiefly in wild fish, while linoleic Omega-6s found in red meat are supposedly the root of all evil. So eat more fish and less red meat is the mantra of the modern day dieter. Pre-dating all of this we haveDr. Johanna Budwig, a German physician and (accounts vary) a six or seven time Nobel nominee. In the 1950s she pioneered a vegetarian diet whose mainstay wasquarkmixed with cold pressed flax seed oil (same thing as linseed oil). All of her works are in German, and there appears to be only one or two translated to English and somewhat available - check out theAmazon Budwig Linkor the link to herDiet Book(currently unavailable). Websites praising the good Doctor and her work are legion, and all have two things in common:

1) A staggering number of text, photo, and video testimonials of how this protocol cured cancer or other horrible maladies
2) Opinions, misdirections, and outright lies presented as facts

I do not think it's unfair to say the Budwig phenomenon has reached cult status...
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