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That would be the billing error ...

Posted Apr 09 2009 7:13pm

That would be the billing error on the current oncology bill. Actually, it’s a bit more because the total patient responsibility listed is based on the first two items and we should only be charged based on the first one. Why? The medication (Bevacizumab) is the treatment that TB gets and because it’s still in the trial phase it’s FREE!!

On the statement (sorry, can’t get the dollars aligned properly):

Chemo, IV Infusiion, 1 Hr                                         $   622.00

Bevacizumab Injection                                              $15,950.00

Disc, Medica Choice                                                   ($  9,012.10)

Medica Choice Payment                                          ($  7,160.31)

Patient Responsibility                                                $     399.59

Imagine my near heart attack when opening this bill yesterday. The patient responsibility amount should be in the $50-$60 range because it should only be based on the $622 charge. Holy shit. Pardon my language but good god, nothing like freaking out on a Saturday when you can’t do anything about it. So tomorrow is chat time with the billing office. My assumption is that this is just an error because that med IS approved for other cancers, just not yet for kidney cancer.

Other than issue we’re meandering along, holding steady.

More later when I have other news.

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