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*Tap tap tap* Is this thing on?

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:10pm

Internet access and typepad situations have been sorted out and I am back.

The honeymoon portion of the move to the New City is over, and I am missing home and friends and familiarity. There are things I love in this city, but it is bittersweet. The personality of the city and its inhabitants are so different from what I know and love, and it is frustrating. I used to think that my inability to speak more than one language limited me and kept me disconnected from many of the people I encountered, but I am quickly realizing it wasn't at all what I thought it was. I feel more disconnected here, and I don't even have an unknown language to contend with. But anyway. I will endure.

I am quickly approaching the time for which I need to find a doctor. Blood needs to be drawn, prescriptions need to be written, a belly must be palpated. But I don't know how to find a doctor -- I left all my medical records at my former hospital, including the letter of referral from my oncologist (I originally wrote "letter of reference" which isn't quite right). I don't even know where to find the hospital I want to be seen at -- I haven't yet passed it in any of my wanderings. I don't know how to approach a random doctor to ask if he or she will take me as a patient, I don't know what I have to sign or request or fax or mail. I have effectively ignored the need to learn these things, but I can't any more. I know my tendency to procrastinate, and this is something that shouldn't be put off. Someone ought to give lessons on how to be a long-term follow-up patient.

If anyone can give me advice on finding a new oncologist -- Rae? -- please do. I am thoroughly confused and oddly nervous about it all.

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