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Swollen lymph nodes in groin with no answers

Posted by Sunshine Lady

I had several lymph nodes swollen in my groin, the largest being 2.8 cm.  I am female, 47, and healthy.  I have not had an injury, my weight is 132 for 5' 6", and I have not been sick with cold, flu, or infection.  They put me on a course of antibiotics, but there was no change to the nodes and during the antibiotics two more enlarged nodes were discovered in the same area.  The doctor took out the largest of the lymph nodes and sent it for a biopsy.  The results showed no lymphoma or cancer, and no bacterial infections.  These nodes have been swollen three month now and the smaller ones are growing.  The surgeon is at a loss to make a diagnosis and told me to go back to the first doctor, who hasn't a clue either.  They said just wait and watch.  Now what?  If I am supposedly cancer free and infection free, do I just ignore growing lymph nodes like they suggest?  I am still sore from the surgery so I do not know how the nodes that  are left are doing.  Is there a possibility this could still be cancer and I should not just "wait" as suggested.  Or should I wait, and for how long?

 Thank you for any insight or advice.

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