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Susan G. Komen Cures Lawyers' Income Woes?

Posted Jan 04 2011 9:30am
I am almost speechless following news that the Susan G. Komen Foundation uses donated funds to sue not the companies that spew chemicals into our water, not the pesticide and agricultural firms genetically mutating our foods, not the BigPharma monsters doling out dangerous drugs, but instead small charities which Komen perceives to invade its alleged rights to the phrase "For the Cure".

How much money is diverted from research to bickering over trademarks? From the article linked above:
"Blum told HuffPost that legal fees comprise a "very small part" of Komen's budget, but according to Komen's financial statements, such costs add up to almost a million dollars a year in donor funds."
Medical sociologist Gail Sulik published very insightful commentary about the financial stakes for the Komen foundation.

In analyzing the "purchase with purpose" campaign - in which everything from golf balls to cream cheese is painted pink in an orgy of slacktivism - Sulik acknowledges that some believe the efforts provide little or no substantial progress toward a cure. In my opinion, this marketing of charity through buying pink is the lowest level of support and surely does more good for corporate profit margins than anything else.

That said, I will be sure to avoid any Komen-branded product in an effort to diminish the funds available to them to attack small charities working for the same goal - such as Mush for a Cure , which raises breast cancer donations - and other charities working for other cancer or various disease cures.

Komen-supporter and past race-starter Stephen Colbert comments (video here ) has added his voice to those chastising the Foundation. Komen certainly has some explaining to do, and I hope a change of policy follows soon after. Because personally, I know that the million dollars put in lawyers' pockets yearly by the Komen Foundation is money desperately needed in the pediatric brain cancer world. Please donate to smaller, more efficient charities who will use those funds more wisely.

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