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Stages of Cancer

Posted by Jeannie

What are the stages of cancer and what do they mean?  stage 1, 2, 3 etc.
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Hello friend…………

 If ur friend is suffering from cancer then he should go for herbal treatment. It’s personal experience; my close family friend was suffering from this cancer. Then somebody suggested him to try immunokan. Was very effective like a miracle.

my father and mother both died of cancer, I donn't think it matters so much what stage it is but what type it is.  If it is the small cell, it usually is hard to treat and will return in other parts of the body.  If it is the larger cell cancer, it is slower and easier to treat  My mom went through radiation and chemo and they were both rough on her, she was sick and weak and all her hair came out.  But my father was never sick through either one of them, he never lost any hair and he ate better than he ever had.  Stage 1 and 2 are very treatiable. Stage 3 is bad [the worst] but it is no longer a death sentence.

Thank you R Spence, I think I understand will just wait and see what the radiation does and the chemotherapy which should start this week.


I think that the stages differ slightly depending on the type of cancer.  However, this gives a general idea:

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