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Split one pill from 100 mg, into (2) 50 mg pills

Posted Dec 26 2011 10:15pm
I have been in a fog (mentally) the last couple of weeks.  
Christmas has been a lot fun, as usual, although, I have just been really tired lately.
I figure that it is from the increased dose of the Gleevec® medicine that I have been taking.
I started out at 100 mg per day, but my BMT doctor upped it to 100 mg twice per day after my last appointment in November.
It wasn't providing the results he had hoped for, so, that's why he decided to increase it.

Apparently, 200 mg per day is just a little to much for me to function with.
This morning I split a pill and took only 50 mg instead.
My little experiment went well, I made it all the way until 6 pm before I was hit with that tired out feeling again.

You are probably thinking that I should not mess with my prescriptions, and you are right, that is not a good idea, normally.

I plan on calling the doctor after a couple of days to let him know what I'm up to.  I have another appointment again next month.

A lot of this medical stuff is; "Let's try this and see what happens."

A good doctor friend of mine, Dr. Kris, explained it to me like this;  As a doctor, you "practice" medicine, it's not an exact science.

If Jesus preformed one of his miracles of healing today, do you think that they would throw him in jail for practicing medicine without a license?

Model ship for Christmas all put together

My fingers only locked up one time while I was putting the sails on the ship.  The medicine is working.  :-)

The next model I'm working on is a F-14A, Tomcat, Fighter Aircraft. (another Christmas gift)

I also got new underwear and socks for Christmas, but no one wants to see those.  :-)

I hope that you had a nice Christmas too.

It's a great time to put together those New Year's Resolutions for 2012:  Get in shape.  Quit smoking.  Eat healthy.  Read the Bible daily.  Make a new friend.  Pray for someone.  Smile more.  Give more.  Love more.  Live more.

I have another second birthday coming up on Thursday, January 19, 2012.  Three years post BMT, Wah Hoo!  :-)
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