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Spin Cycle: Vacation!

Posted Jul 31 2009 11:47am

Spin Cycle this week is all about vacations. I've already written about the best vacation EVER when I wrote about my "Just Divorced" Cruise. AndGarretdoesn't like it when I repeat myself (Unless I give him ample warning). So if you want to read about the cruise, just clickhere.

I've also written about my summer vacations inOcean City, MD(which also happens to be a Spin Cycle), so I don't have to write about that again (see how accommodating I can be, Garret?)

So I'm going to write about my vacation THIS summer. I get 3 weeks vacation, since I've been working for Fridays for more than 6 years. I actually get PAID vacations. The pay isn't great, but I don't know of many other places that will give their wait staff paid vacations. And we have a use it or lose policy. I have to use my vacation before Feb 11 (My anniversary date) or I lose that vacation.

Usually I save all year for my week in Ocean City, MD. My friend gives me a super duper deal and it's almost criminal NOT to take her up on the offer! This year, for some reason, I decided touse my Income Tax Refund for the beach house, only to discover that I was getting $300 back and not the $2500 I thought I was getting. I had to cancel my standing 3rd week in July reservation on the house.

It's funny how things work out.

As you all know, John was in the hospital for his latest round of chemotherapy for his Lymphoma. This was the week I was supposed to be at the beach. I know John. He would haveINSISTEDI go to the beach and enjoy myself and not worry about him. He'd have been angry if I cancelled my vacation because of him. And I'd have been terribly terribly guilty going to the beach while he was in the hospital, going through the chemo alone. So, Providence or something stepped in and made it possible for me to be on vacation and broke so I could spend my time with him at the hospital!

I have 2 more weeks coming to me. I decided to take the week John goes in for his Stem Cell Transplant in August as my 2nd vacation. For my 3rd week of vacation, I'm taking the week he gets out of the hospital in mid-September. He can't be alone, so he'll be coming to my house where I can look after him and we can be comfortable.

My friend, Fran suggested we come down for a week in early autumn, late September or early October. We thought about it and decided if John has to be on aspecial dietto prevent him from getting bacateria or other fun stuff, the beach may not be the place for him this year.

Aw, hell, there's always next summer for a week at the beach!

Want to join in the fun of Spin Cycle? Just click this link here. I'm sure Jen at Sprite's Keeper would love to have you!
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