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Spider surgery! It's over! Yippee!!

Posted Aug 21 2009 12:39pm
Hello all! Well surgery is over, I'm doing great just a bit sore but Dr. Stone used the Da Vinci Robotic system to do the surgery so I'm actually doing great! The anesthesiologist said he was using the Michael Jackson drug to put me to sleep but he knew what he was doing. LOL I found that reassuring. He was such a happy guy when he came into the room I asked him if he'd been on the gas himself. I did get to see the robot machine but it was up against the wall so of course I didn't get to see it in action. As soon as I saw my doctors face I was a gonner and woke up 4 hours later in recovery. It took 4 hours to do the surgery, but the nurse was telling us that when they first started using the system it took 13 hours. She told me this because she said they tilt you up with your head down and that I might have some swelling in my face so not to be alarmed. It's amazing what you can learn if you ask questions! LOL

The questionable cyst was sent off to pathology and I'll know the results when I go back for my follow up on July 20th, but everything else in the area there looked good and was clear of disease. I spent the nite in the hospital and the highlight of the evening was when my friend Debbie came to visit and pick up mom.

Her and my mother were discussing the way the room was setup. Since the hospital has now gone to all private rooms, in the old part of the hospital, which is where I was, the rooms now only have one bed. Well the bed was near the window and mom and Debbie discussed how it would be much better for me if the bed was on the other side of the room and it would also make it easier for any visitors. Debbie is one of those people who needs to be doing something and I could tell it was really bothering her, so I asked her if she wanted rearrange the room and she said yes she did. So I got up and her and mom rearranged the room. There was a buzzing that wouldn't stop after they got everything changed so I called the nurse, but we realized before she got there that it was the bed buzzing because it had not been locked.

When the nurse walked in she just cracked up but did say that it was much better that way. In fact every nurse or anyone who came in that worked there made comments about how much better the room was. I tried to catch the action on my camera on video but because I was so loopy on all the meds I didn't manage to get it done. It was really entertaining though watching them unplug this and that and I decided if you ever need a room rearranged or decorated, call Debbie, she can get it done!

Now as I wait to hear about the results of the biopsies, I'll go Monday the 13th to be molded, marked and ct scanned to start my radiation on Wednesday. I'll have 33 treatments so if I don't have to miss any, I should be finished by the end of August. One more step is complete in my road to recovery and I start the last Wednesday. I'm feeling good even with my sore belly and as always, thankful for your prayers and support.
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