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sore swollen L breast and armpit with clearish discharge from nipple and running low grade fever

Posted by julybird

I woke up this morning with sharp shooting pains in my breast and armpit on the left side, the right side totally normal, then I noticed later my armpit was swollen and later that my breast was quite swollen, it is extemely sore to the touch and during a self exam today  when I pressed on certain spots it sent a sharp pain into the wall of my chest behind the breast, and also have a clearish discharge from that nipple,(never had that before) also running a low grade fever of 100.3 All of these symptoms are new to me and quite bothersome, especially because my mom passed away from cancer this year and all different types of cancer run strongly in my family including breast cancer, and lymphoma ( lymphoma is what my mom passed away from) I am not trying to over react or be a hypocondriac due to my family history, but I am only 27 and a single mother of 2 beautiful boys that I gotta be here for. So please if you have any ideas or suggestions of what this might be, I will be eternally grateful! Thanks, julybird
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