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Sore Spot On Foot Bottom

Posted Jul 31 2009 11:43am
The weekend has come and gone. I've had a shower and with a clean set of clothes ... I'm feeling good.

Saturday I felt something unusual and painful on the bottom of my left foot. I asked my husband to look at it. He says I have a better idea ... I'll take a picture of it and zoom in big time. The picture showed a small round calloused area with a pin hole in the center. Hopefully it's something simple like a sliver. Since I've been on Taxotere, I've been experiencing Hand Foot Syndrome which numbs the bottom of my feet. So if I did step on something and didn't feel it ... that would be why.

I called the research nurse at the Cancer Institute to ask her advice and she said have a doctor look at it but make sure to stress to them .... that I had chemo last week and that the white blood cells are at the lowest.

Next step is trying to get in to see my family doctor ... that is a challenge in itself ... anyways, I called the appointments desk and she said to call back tomorrow as the doctor may extend her hours for the day. I've got my fingers crossed I get in.

Call me a fraidy cat ... but when you're immune system is compromised, you never know.

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