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Some new curcumin research…and…well…perhaps a sauna would be a much better idea than, er, riding the high feve

Posted Feb 01 2011 12:04pm

. 1. The first one is Now, I still don’t have the mental ability to digest any of the info contained in this abstract, but I thought I would go ahead anyway and publish the link. I mean, rice bran and curcumin work together to kill myeloma cells?? Fantastico! Hey, pass the cereal!!! ;-)  Okay, okay, it’s not simple. This seems to be a special sort of rice bran, probably a concentrated form of something or other, the regular stuff you might find inside a box at the supermarket…

2. I also came across a new curcumin analog: Well, this certainly sounds promising. At first glance, anyway…

More research needed. But not today…

. Stefano is much better but still has a cough. I don’t think he has a fever, though. As for me, today my fever seems to be hovering around 38° Celsius. I woke up early this morning with 38°, and it is 38.2° right now. That is a full degree less than it was on Sunday evening. I can walk around, up and down the stairs, etc…so, not bad, not bad…

However, I sometimes feel as though some big strong hairy monster has been fiercely pounding my back, mainly my shoulders. Uffa. I was so sore and achy this morning that I even brought out a bottle of Tylenol from the medicine cabinet and put it on my bed table…but so far I haven’t even licked one of the caplets… ;-)

My cough. Hmmm. Now that’s another story. This morning I called our doctor and told him that the antibiotic I started on Saturday hasn’t really touched my cough yet. It should have made it much much better by now, he agreed. So he changed the prescription to something stronger. That should do it!

So, this is Day Four of what most certainly is the nuttiest experiment ever conducted by someone with smoldering myeloma. nuttiest experiment, anyway…I do realize that.

I am definitely better, though. I am sleeping all day, as I was last weekend…And even though I still don’t feel up to reading anything much, I have been watching lots of documentaries and food programs and movies and whatnot. Oh, by the way, Mr. Dog Whisperer is my newest best friend. How does he do it?! Great show (and, as you may know, we don’t even have a dog!). Stefano thinks there should be a Cat Whisperer show, too…Yeah, I agree. Now, why isn’t there one?? :lol:

Last but certainly not least: Many thanks, everyone, for your kind wishes, public and private. All very much appreciated!!! Hmmm, I think Dog Whisperer might be on now…sooo…ciao! And please take care! :-)

Written by Margaret

February 1st, 2011 at 10:04 am

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