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So Far, I'm Winning; The Mind As An Ally; Almost Halfway There

Posted Sep 07 2008 7:56pm

Today's treatment went well, much better than yesterday, and ended earlier than expected. I'm already home.

I was very encouraged because the woman who works with me asked if I was feeling any symptoms yet. I told her I was a little tired, but that was all. She was amazed. She couldn't believe it and also said she couldn't believe I was tolerating the chemo so well. I told her that, to me, it feels like breathing air, nothing more. She said most people are really sick on it by now. So, good! (Meaning good for me, not them - no disrespect to less fortunate experiences of others intended.)

I told her that her reaction made me feel good. And, it did. I almost can't believe it.

As I struggled against what I could not control in the beginning, I now see it is not (so far) as bad as the experiences conjured up by my mind. I have to remember to use my mind as an ally rather than the fear-maker it can so easily become.
Eight days of radiation down -- 28 days to go, I believe that's right. Here's to the status quo. I can hope! I can do this.
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