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Side effect of Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer - Not thinking clearly

Posted by confused1nsc

My father had prostate cancer and his treatment was hormone therapy and radiation.  He was unable to have surgery to remove the prostate due to a prior colon resection surgery.  (I also have an earlier question in the Alzheimer's Board titled " What questions should I ask my father's GP if I think he may have dementia?" Anyway, my father has been exhibiting an unusual behavior that I've discussed with his GP but he's not quite sure what is causing it.  My father is 64 years old.  He has accused his brother of having an extra marital affair with a friend/business acquaintance of my father's and his brother's.  I have spoken with my uncle and the female involved and both of their spouses who all have assured me that there is no affair.  This accusation has been going on since around the middle of November '09.  I was using the "wait and see" method to see if this was just a short-term issue and would resolve.  It has not.  He has also discussed this with my sister's husband who told him to drop it and that nothing has happened between my uncle and the lady, but to no avail.  My father adamantly believes that an affair has taken place and told my brother in law that he had hired a private investigator to get him proof.  This resulting in no proof.  As of two days ago, he has reinstigated the issue by bringing it up with his brother again.  When I spoke with my father's GP, about 1-1/2 months ago, I told him that my father has also said that the GP and my uncle have conspired against him in a meeting they had.  The GP says no meeting took place and that my contacting him about this was the first time he'd heard anything about it.  About a year ago my father was having temple headaches (he has a lot of health issues) and the GP sent him to a neurologist.  We decided to contact the neurologist to see if he had any ideas.  The neurologist's office has tried contacting my father to come in because they've had a cancellation (he has an appointment 4/23, today is 4/2).  However, he hasn't called them back.  We were going to wait and see what (if anything) the neurologist finds out at the 4/23 appointment but since my father keeps resurfacing the "affair accusation" and my uncle keeps contacting me and wanting me to do something I'm about at my wits end.  Can someone please help!
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