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Should I be worried about this painful lump on the rib bone near my breast?

Posted by lmaltz1

I have a painful area/lump on the bottom middle (towards the sternum) of my right breast, where the breast meets the torso. I dont have insurance right now so I went to a walk in clinic and she didn't feel anything on the actual breast. She said it must be something on the rib bone and to get it checked out by my doc. once I have insurance. It's been bothering me for several months and it hurts more just before my period. I also feel the lump get bigger just before my period and it gets smaller afterwards and the pain decreases but is always there a little. Should I be worried that this is more then a cyst of some sort or perhaps bone cancer? It fees like it is on the actual rib bone. Just some facts: Breast cancer does run in my family. I am a 25 years old. I don't have insurance and may not for a few months so any advice you can offer on if I should be worried would be appreciated!!
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