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Short holiday in Le Marche; a new personalized therapy makes cancer cells kill themselves, AND a really funny video…

Posted Mar 03 2011 10:44am

In addition to having quite a bit of work to do these days, I am also trying to plan our holiday weekend. Puff puff, rush, rush. On Saturday morning, you see, Stefano and I are leaving for the Italian region of Le Marche…Specifically, we are heading for the lovely walled city of Urbino, which is a World Heritage Site: My parents took me to Urbino when I was a kid, but I don’t remember a thing, so this will be like visiting it for the first time. Does the name Raphael ring a bell? Er, the famous Renaissance painter, the archangel. Well, he was from Urbino…And in fact our hotel is about a stone’s throw from the house where he was born in 1483…verrrrry exciting…

On Sunday we are leaving Urbino and driving towards the coast, near where Stefano has a work-related meeting on Monday. While waiting for him (to finish his meeting), I will wander on the beach, read my book and take photos…Ahhh, can’t wait!

Obviously, a close friend will be moving into our house for the entire weekend to look after our cats. She adores our kitties and plays with them until they flop down, exhausted…and they adore her, so this is a purrfect arrangement…

In spite of all the rushing and puffing, this morning I found the time to read a couple of Science Daily articles, mainly this one: What I found interesting about this new type of therapy is that the immune system doesn’t have to move a finger, which means that even patients with compromised immune systems would benefit from it, at least theoretically: The fact that this therapy does not require participation of the patient’s immune system to kill cancer cells is a big advantage over other newly developed technologies, such as the cancer vaccine. Those technologies depend on the patient’s immune system to destroy cancer. Unfortunately, they are not effective in the presence of a compromised immune system, which is true for many cancer patients. In contrast, Dr. Rosner’s therapy will be able to treat even the most severely immuno-compromised patients with the same degree of success as in treating patients with a fully functional immune system.

Now, the article mentions that this therapy could treat a large variety of tumors, such as prostate, lung and breast cancers.  There is no mention of blood cancers…but you never know. Oh, I thought the nonchalant reference to the fact that this therapy might cause a lightening of skin hue was rather bizarre, to say the least…What in the world does that mean? Anyway, it will be interesting to see what comes of this…

And now for the funny video…yes, yes, yes, it’s a commercial, but it’s ohsoincrediblyfunnyandcute…so I just had to go ahead and publish it:  Enjoy! :-)

Back to work! Then I am dashing off to spend the evening with my hilarious girlfriends. Ciaooooo! :-)

Written by Margaret

March 3rd, 2011 at 8:44 am

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