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She Binks!

Posted Dec 03 2008 12:13pm
It was with irrepressible joy last night that I proudly informed Daddy of an improvement in Vivi:


That's right, finally, after days where putting anything in her mouth made her miserable, Miss Vivi avidly desired her binky. Of course, only if it was dipped in Nystatin first, which was incredibly wise on her part considering that the more Nystatin she gets the more quickly she will heal.

She spiked a slight fever last night, blood cultures were done to rule out an infection other than the thrush and C. diff., and the results were negative (i.e., good news). Since her ANC is good (2300), she was permitted to have some tylenol, after which she fell promptly asleep.

The major challenge for the Queenling yesterday was BOREDOM. She was craning her neck to look out her windows at the nurses' station. Because she is on isolation as a result of the
C. diff., she is not permitted to leave her room. She would have been thrilled to sit in her stroller and be taken for a walk around the hospital.

After avidly watching cartoons in the late afternoon while waiting for Mommy to come, she wanted nothing to do with snuggling for a movie. She fussed. She whined. She complained, loudly. Finally, Mommy got the message and we did some very active playing.

I sat her on my lap, facing out, so she could see out the window. Then we did pattycake, If You're Happy and You Know It (and she imitated Mommy clapping!) and some Kick the Blanky and other games. She finally got sleepy, but was still a bit uncomfortable. Once she got that tylenol, and her binky, she went right to sleep and slept through the night.

I'm thrilled, since sleep is so healing.

A slightly-better day in Bunnyland.
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