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Sexual Intimacy - Blogs versus Books and Magazines

Posted Dec 20 2009 9:56pm

A couple of days ago I started to write an article on intimacy which I'm "pitching" to  a national men's magazine. My new article offers ten tips for enhancing intimacy after prostate cancer. I've begun to address that topic at this blog and will share more details of same at a later date!

Just before submitting my article proposal, I happened to come across an essay by the men's magazine publisher and CEO, lamenting that magazines seem to be going out of style. Her essay underscores that she and other family members are ardent magazine readers. In stating this she sounds sincere, though as the publisher and owner of several major magazines she has a professional, vested interest in periodicals.

In response to her lament I wrote her that  magazines remain enjoyable and worthwhile for folks like me.  For that matter I indicated that three dimensional books with real paper between soft or hard covers are essential!  

My comment is not just an oblique reference to my own book, Conquer Prostate Cancer. The value of the printed word has been apparent ever since books were first printed in the Middle Ages. That's when the Gutenberg press produced the world's first printed book: the book of books, aka, the Bible. The printed biblical word then and now is still essential, although biblical verses can be accessed quite easily through a computer search!

Similarly, I can’t imagine being the author of computer blogs like this or ebooks I've started to write, without also relying on producing the printed word. For me magazines are essential if I'm to make my permanent mark on anything more than cyberspace! And I say that even though magazines and books increasingly have their own websites like this blog that supplements my book.

Sure, going online can help us get a quick update about the latest events going on in the world. But a blog is no substitute for the printed word. This is doubly true when addressing intimate subjects like I do. 

There's nothing like husbands, wives or partners sharing printed books and magazines, especially if shared on a comfy sofa or bed! You can do go to bed with your laptop, but it's hardly the same!

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