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SEPTEMBER is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Posted Sep 26 2011 6:09am
"Having a child diagnosed with cancer is not just a medical journey ---- it is a very difficult and heart-wrenching emotional experience.  It is learning to cope with watching your child suffer day in and day out.  It is feeling utterly helpless and at times, being overwhelmed -seeing your child in so much pain, battling so many unknowns and unable to provide any definitive answers or solutions." -  Anonymous (mother of a cancer inflicted kid)
These kids are forced to be strong..and they need our support.Isn't it a great idea this season of   find TIME, ..Be a VOLUNTEER .. and  Be a Cancer Warrior? ABSOLUTELY! Let's do something that will help them to at least forget even for a little while that they are sick , dying and worst in unexplainable pain..Something to help them forget they are different. Something that will help make them feel they are kids..
In their full of uncertainties , anxieties and pain–filled world, ,there is no better feeling in the world than giving something to somebody like them.Let's  find TIME .. Be a VOLUNTEER   and have this   as our GOAL: To hear the kids say.. "For one day, I forgot I had cancer."  This is PRICELESS. Let's give them a very Merry Christmas..Will you?..Please do. Got no money?..a simple card will do (",).

(source:Cancer Warriors Foundation)
SEPTEMBER is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.. 

It is an OPPORTUNITY to...

Honor the courage  of kids/teens with cancer and their families

Offer much-needed recognition and support to kids with cancer and their families

It is a REMINDER for everyone...

Children can have cancer.  Metro Manila cancer registry records in three hospitals, show that eight kids/one very 3 hours, die everyday. Many more cases and deaths remain unreported

Childhood cancer  strikes randomly, unexpectedly, regularly, sparing no age group, socioeconomic status, ethnic group or geographic region. Children as young as a few months, barely able to talk and walk, can already have cancer

Children can survive cancer, with early diagnosis and prompt, adequate treatment.  In developed countries, childhood cancer survival rate is as high as 95%. In the Philippines, sadly, it is only 10to 30%. Of ten who are diagnosed, only two/three will most likely survive. They die because they are poor, unable to afford the high costs of medication and treatment

Work Together to help neighbors, classmates, and colleagues whose lives may be burdened by childhood cancer
Working together we can help them FACE and BEAT Cancer. We can give them the greatest gift of all --- a chance to live fully --to have a future

So please, GET INVOLVED. KIDS SHOULD NOT FIGHT CANCER ALONE. There are so many ways you can help.

*Post this message in your bulletin boards, in your churches, at school, at work, in your barangay halls/ community centers, in your blogs or home pages


*Pledge any amount to help buy medicines for kids with cancer. As little as   P 250.00 will go a long way to save a life

*Let your church leaders, media friends and elected officials know. One child/teen die every three hours because they are too poor to afford the high cost of cancer treatment. Ask them to DO SOMETHING TO STOP THE DYING

Sponsor a child for a minimum of P5,000 a month. You can do this with your family, group of friends or co-workers


*Sponsor an event /Make CWFI your beneficiary in special events in your church, school or neighbourhood

*Write an article, a story or a letter to the editor on the situation of kids with cancer – the forgotten, neglected children of our society

*Buy and/or sell CWFI love gifts (gold ribbon magnets, key chains, pins, eco friendly bags, t-shirts)

*Endorse CWFI to a possible sponsor. 100% of funds raised go to treatment of poor kids with cancer

*Take time. Be a volunteer. Be a Cancer Warrior


*Help raise funds from others throw aways: old newspapers, used paper, toys, books etc.

*Request for your very own coin banks of hope (Alkansya nang Pag-Asa)

*Celebrate your special moments (birthdays, anniversaries, yearly employee events, school fairs) with kids with cancer. Moments of fun help bring some joy and relaxation in their pain wracked lives

*Make a donation to Cancer Warriors Foundation Metrobank Account #: 7-168-50924-0                                                                                                

Let's raise awareness and support to help address the global problem of childhood cancer.
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