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Second Big Dose

Posted Jun 24 2010 12:00am
Yesterday I got my second big dose (5 syringles) of Doxorubicin. Everything went well at Duke. Lou, Patsy, and Omer came along as planned.

The only disappointment was that I forgot to bring in a bag of novels that I had planned to abandon in the treatment waiting room. Ah, next time.

My hair has been falling out a lot in the last couple of days, till it looked sort of awful unless I was wearing a hat. So yeasterday afternoon I got my head shaved. At this point, my plan is to wear hats.

I took an Ambien last night, because otherwise I would have been awake all night once the Decadron kicked in. I am hoping to work from home today, do I needed to sleep.

I told my nurse yesterday what happened after the last dose, how not talking the Decadron pills really did not work out, and that I was very nauseated and it took multiple does of Compazine and Zofran to get the nausea under control. She suggested that in addition to the Decadron pills, I should also take the Zofran starting this morning. I should save the Compazine if I actually feel any nausea (the compazine is the one that makes me sleepy).

So that is the plan.
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