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Screening Pee & Spinning X-Rays (Bladder Cancer, CT Scan) - March 17-25, 2008

Posted Oct 21 2008 12:19am

I unpacked my new screening device in the airport parking lot. It's like an old collapsible cup - a series of concentric plastic hoops that expand out into a cup-shape, in medical white, with a very fine screen at the bottom. It also had a nice cover and a compartment for storing any stones found. Fit easily in my pocket. Inside the Salt Lake City Airport there are a couple of men's rooms that are not heavily trafficked, and NO, I won't tell you where they are. Sharing intimate details of my anatomy and biological functions is one thing, but useful information like restrooms you can use is quite another! I made my way through security and found the one nearest my gate. Empty, as I had hoped. I grabbed the screen, expanded the cup, pulled up to a urinal, and let fly. It was certainly awkward, and the screen tended to disperse the splash in unpredictable ways, but no harm done. Once finished I inspected the screen to find - nothing. But now I have a pee dampened screen in one hand, my junk in another hand, and how to proceed next without a third hand was not obvious. I ended up setting the cup on top of the urinal to finish my business. Then I quickly rinsed the cup in the sink and took a paper towel to clean the urinal top. Clearly this approach would need modification ...
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