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Screening for Prostate and Colon Cancers is of Equal Importance

Posted Oct 30 2009 11:01pm

On these pages I've made prostate cancer treatment my primary concern. But we have to worry about other forms of cancer too.

Recently I saw Harry Reasoner interview Katie Couric on a CBS broadcast. They reviewed how colon screening is so important, in orderto detect possible polyps and the presence of cancer. This should be of concern to all of us no less than prostate cancer.

It is great that Katie Couric has has used her public position as a TV journalist to have such a positive impact on getting women and men to get colon cancer screening. In my view her actions and words are an incredibly constructive way to respond to the tragic colon cancer death of her husband at such a young age. More power to her that after that demonstrated the resilience to get on with her life and that of her two children. It's to her credit that now she is still able to laugh again.

It is true that after lung cancer, colo-rectal cancer is one of the leading American cancer causing men and women combined to die every year (est. 50,000 as of 2007). But as I've noted in my book and website, Conquer Prostate Cancer (.com), every year more men (27,000) die of prostate cancer than colon cancer, and every year more women (40,000) die of breast cancer than women who die of colon cancer. 

In other words if you look at women and men together or separately, colon cancer is the third (not second) leading cause of cancer deaths every year in the USA. Regardless, all these top killing cancers require annual screening along with increased research and treatment. 

Evidently colon cancer is the most preventable. For this reason and more we all should reinforce Katie Couric's valiant efforts to raise public awareness and take action to screen and prevent more deaths. 

Equally impressive, whether it’s lung, prostate, breast or colorectal cancer, we’d all do well to acknowledge Katie Couric's capacity to bounce back in the face of the death of someone who was so close to her. We would do well to emulate her as best we can.

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